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Because Patrick is secretly a manwhore...
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Welcome to slutrick, the number-one source for all your Patrick needs. You may post fic, graphics, drawings, news, or anything that relates to Patrick schmoozing with another dude. Whether it be Pete Wentz, Butch Walker, Spencer Smith, or Ryan Ross, even David Bowie, we want you to post it here.

This community is currently closed to new submissions at this time. If you would like help finding another place to post your fiction, please contact the moderator by PMing me.



1. All posts must be related to Patrick in some way. Fic must have Patrick as its main focus and if there are pairings, he must be in the main pairing. All other graphics must display him in some way. News must be Patrick-related. Everything else will be rejected from the queue.

2. No teenybopper language. Please do not gush over how sexy Patrick is. We know, we don't need a post dedicated to that. Also, no netspeak, it burns our eyes.

3. All large graphics and fic must be under an lj-cut. If you do not know how to use one, please consult the FAQ.

4. Flames are not welcomed here. Do not flame Patrick (not like he'd see it), and definitely do not flame anyone's fics. If you're going to criticize someone, please do so constructively. Be as harsh as you want, but offer the author or artist advice while you're doing so. If you feel someone is flaming you, or harassing you in the community, please don't hesitate to contact the moderator.

5. If you advertise a new community, please do so under an LJ-cut. All ads must be related to Patrick, Fall Out Boy, or Fueled By Ramen. Role playing advertisements are okay, but please clear them with the moderator first.

6. Please run your fiction by a beta reader before posting it. We will not post anything that is obviously unbeta'd. Ask another writer whose work you admire, or check out bandslash_betas to find someone who can help.

7. Have fun. Please keep the drama to a minimum. If there are any problems, feel free to contact the mod herself. She's here to help! :D


AIM: dust and sweat (pm me with your sn first)
E-mail: davy.jack@gmail.com




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